Horray, More Choices

This is the first piece in a series of "Pro Life" works. Each "Choices" picture joins together a drawing of a real child and the possibility of real life choices. It is my prayer that moms and dads everywhere will choose life. This print is avaialable in limited edition only.

Now what I am commanding you today is not too difficult for you or beyond your reach . . . Choose Life! Deuteronomy 30: 11, 19

The real life choices on this work include: Actor, Agricultural Aide, Airplane Pilot, Apple Checker, Adoption Agency Director, Advertising Director, Asparagus Sorter, Aeronautical Engineer, Artist, Acupuncturist, Anodizer, Banana Grader, Batboy/girl, Baker, Buffing Machine Tender, Bus Driver, Chinchilla Farmer, Carpenter, Computer Specialist, Chiropractor, Congressman, Cellist, Dancer, Doctor, DJ, Embosser, Electronencephalogist, EMT, Fire Fighter, Family Counselor, Friend, Fender Repair Specialist, Groover, Governor, Hair Stylist, House Keeper, Harness Racer, Harpist, Horse Breeder, Import – Export Agent, Impressionist, Janitor, Judge, Jockey, Justice of the Peace, Keysmith, Lab Tech, Life Line Attendant, Machine Repairer, Medical Transcriptionist, Mechanic, Media Event Staffer, Metal Hairpin Carder, Metal Reed Tuner, Millwright, Musician, Model, Missionary, Music Therapist, Mule Driver, Nibbler Operator, Nurse, Oiler, Opera Singer, Orthodontist, Painter, Parts Picker, Photographer, Pharmacist, Pest Control Worker, Pilot, Pickling Operator, Plastic Surgeon, Playroom Attendant, Podiatrist, Porter, Postal Clerk, Power Shovel Operator, President, Priest, Principal, Phychiatrist, Project Manager, Putty Glazer, Radar Mechanic, Radio Announcer, Receptionist, Respiratory Therapist, Riveter, Scuba Diver, Senator, Skin Specialist, Slusher, Submarine Worker, Surgeon, Swamper, Taper, Teamster, Transplant Coordinator, Stress Manager, Ultra Sound Technologist, Unleavened Dough Mixer, Vet, Viscose Cellar Attendant, Waiter, Welder, Willoer, X-Ray Consultant, Yard Rigger, Zinc – Chloride Operator, Zoologist, What Shall I Choose, Now that I have Life?

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