Horray, More Choices

This is the second piece in a series of "Pro Life" works. Each "Choices" picture joins together a drawing of a real child and the possibility of real life choices. It is my prayer that moms and dads everywhere will choose life. This print is avaialable in limited edition only.

Now what I am commanding you today is not too difficult for you or beyond your reach . . . Choose Life! Deuteronomy 30: 11, 19

The real life choices on this work include: Able Seaman, Actor, Actuary, Adoption Agency Director, Adult Education Teacher, Aerial Tram Tender, Airplane Pilot, Alloy Weigher, Ambassador, Archivist, Artist, Astronomer, Auctioneer, Aqua-Culturist, Blacksmith, Bowling Ball Grader, Budder, Cabinet Maker, Caddie, Cartographer, Cartoonist, Caterer, Chef, Chiropractor, Computer Specialist, Continuity Writer, Court Reporter, Delineator, Dental Assistant, DJ, Doctor, Dot Etcher, Dust Collector – Attendant, Electrode – Cleaning – Machine Operator, Electoneurodiagnostic Technologist, Electronic Semiconductor Abrader, Entertainment Show Host, Ethnologist, Flight Attendant, Forest Ecologist, Friend, Gardener, Geodesist, Geophysical Prospector, Gilder, Glass Bender, Gripper, Hair Stylist, Herbarium Worker, House Mover, Hydraulic Jack Setter, Hypnotherapist, Implementation Project Manager, In-Flight Refueling Operator, Irradiated – Fuel Handler, Irrigation Worker, Jig Builder, Lather, Librarian, Lighthouse Tender, Log Scaler, Lyricist, Mannequin – Mold Maker, Maxillifacial Surgeon, Metallurgist, Mime, Missionary, Musician, Nematologist, Newscaster, Nuclear Engineer, Nurse, Offset Lithographic Press Setter, Orchestrator, Ordinance Artificer, Pantograph Engraver, Park Naturalist, Peripheral EDP Equipment Operator, Petroleum Engineer, Phlebotomist, Photoengraving Etcher, Photographer, Poet, Police Officer, Private Detective, Professional Athlete, Prosthodontist, Receptionist, Rigging Slinger, Roustabout, Seismologist, Senator, Silviculturist, Soil Conservationist, Song Plugger, Soundranging Crewmember, Statistician, Stevedor Stratigrapher, Taxidermist, Teacher, Terazzo Finisher, Thrower, TMJ Specialist, Tour Guide Toxicologist, Tracer, Trommel Tender, Umbrella Examiner, Underwriter Gatherer, Vault Attendant, Veteran’s Contact Representative, Vocatinal Training Instructor, Warden, Watch Repairer, Weatherman, Wheat Cleaner, Wig Maker, Woods Boss, X-Ray Technician, Yeast Washer, Zipper Cutter, Zoo Director, What Shall I Choose, Now That I Have Life?

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