Home of the Free, Thanks to the Brave - Navy

Home of the Free, Thanks to the Brave - Navy

This fine young man was explaining that the Sea Bees are a relatively young section of the United States Navy, only being a little over 60 years old.  He was so polite, I should have told him that was how old (or young) I am!  As we sipped our coffee, he went on to explain that the Sea Bees follow in after the Marines and build up what they need, places to sleep, whatever is necessary for the team.  With quiet pride he also said he has helped to build 4 schools and then named the countries all over the world where these constructions have taken place.  I was impressed!

Later, I was proofing the photo shoot and noticed something else that impressed me about this young family.
Mom was holding and taking such good care of this beautiful 6-month-old baby girl. And, in so many of the pictures, Dad had this amazing two-handed grip on his little future.

He has chosen a job that supports the men and women who fight for our freedom.  He has built schools to educate little boys and little girls all over the world.  Together, he and his beautiful wife are holding fast to and teaching their own precious little one how to be strong and courageous while spreading the cause of Freedom around the entire world. 

It is because of so many families like this one we ever remain America, Home of the Free, Thanks to the Brave.

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