Father This Day

Frank was preaching while holding a boll of cotton, stick and all.  He was talking about putting faith into action, “produce to product”. While he was holding the cotton in his hands, I realized this needed to be the next picture in the Praying Hands series.  As I was telling our daughter, Kristine, about it, she suggested I ask Charlie to pose for the photo shoot.  Charlie is an 80+ year-old cotton farmer who attends our church.  Seemed appropriate.  So, I asked Charlie, and he said I wouldn’t want “these ole` hands in one o` them pictures of yours, Rusty!”  But yes, Charlie, I would, and thank you.

Before you pray Our Lord’s Prayer the next time I suggest you read a short story in 2 Kings chapter 4 verses 1 – 7.  A very poor woman was in dire economic straights.  She needed daily bread.  Take a moment and read how God provided for her needs.

Now when you pray Our Lord’s Prayer, I hope you will remember to put your faith into action. When you ask your Father, who is in heaven, to provide for you on a daily basis, know that He will provide.  That provision may come in the form of a loaf of bread, a jar of oil or a boll of cotton!  Just ask Charlie.

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Father, This Day