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This is what Adele Booysen, Missionary in Kenya, Africa said:

Gideon came to the children’s home with so many wounds… After his parents died, he was abandoned on the streets of Eldoret.  Someone found him and took him to the police.  The police told that family “You take care of the boy!”  They couldn’t afford him.  Meanwhile, the couple that was originally supposed to care for him heard that someone else had Gideon.  They had since discovered they couldn’t have children of their own, so they bought Gideon from the other family.  They were illegal brewers themselves, so the care Gideon got from them wasn’t very good.  After a while, they decided they were too old and there’d be no-one to care for the boy if they should die.  So, they brought him to the children’s home.

By the time he was brought to our home, Gideon was an angry young boy.  Sometimes, that anger still comes out, but for the most part, he has changed into a young man with a very gentle heart.  His new mom and dad, Jonah and Mary, have loved and prayed him back to whom he is today.

Media: Silverpoint on Arches 300 lb prepared Watercolor Paper

Size: 5.5 X 7.5 inches (Unframed)

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