Fear No EvilI Will Fear No Evil

This is what Adele Booysen, Missionary in Kenya, Africa said:

Rose and her brother William both live with Jonah and Mary’s family.  They are the youngest of 9 children.  Their father died of thyroid cancer.  After a car killed their one brother, their mom took the youngest two kids and fled to a forest where she lived with them for a number of years.  She was sick (HIV/AIDS) and finally returned to take the youngest kids to the care of their older brothers.  She died of TB soon after arriving home.  Their older brothers (none of whom had gone further than 8th grade) were taking care of the younger ones.  By the time she was brought to our care, Rose had never gone to school.  She has since caught up with her peers.  She’s a hard worker and a strong leader.  When she gets harsh with the younger ones, I usually get through to her by simply smiling and mouthing “love…” which always gets her to laugh and change her attitude. http://adelebooysen.blogspot.com/


Media: Silverpoint on Arches 300 lb prepared Watercolor Paper

Size: 5.5 X 7.5 inches (Unframed)

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