Father Into Your Hands

Father Into Your Hands

This is what Adele Booysen, Missionary in Kenya, Africa said:

While visiting a village, one of the little boys wouldn’t shake my hand.  All the children shake your hand, eventually we hug and tickle and laugh and squeal, but this little one wouldn’t shake my hand.   It was a mystery.  So, I captured him and found that he had picked up a stick from the cooking fire and burned his little fingers.  Without even the basic medication in the village, his hand was blistered and very sore.  No wonder he wouldn’t shake my hand!
Artist’s comment:  After seeing the photo Adele took of the child’s hand and reading her comments I was immediately struck with the idea of the image you see, each of these little ones with their hand in the powerful Hand of God.  I am so thankful for ELI and all the work they do - reaching out to even the tiniest of hands to make sure they know that God loves them. http://adelebooysen.blogspot.com/


Media: Silverpoint on Arches 300 lb prepared Watercolor Paper

Size: 5.5 X 7.5 inches (Unframed)

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