The Lamb Won

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"The Lamb Won"

Dr. Mrs. Nina Gunter, Director of World Missions for the Church of the Nazarene told a story about a little church in the former Soviet Union after the fall of Communism. That former underground church now had permission to put a sign over the door of their church. What would they paint on it? What name could they give their tiny church?During a prayer meeting one man spoke up quietly. "I will paint the sign and bring it here tomorrow."He returned the next day with the sign. They nailed it above the door for all to see. It simply read . . .

"The Lamb Won"

When Dr. Gunter finished telling the story, immediately, I knew what the picture should look like. I knew that in the softness of the lamb's fur there would be the faces of people who made up the body of Christ, who were a part of bringing the message of Christ to the world.

After that, it was just work...leg work, mind work, art work. I gathered snapshots of friends who had participated in short and long term mission projects. It would be their faces I planned to draw onto the lamb. Next, I asked a friend if I could take pictures at her lamb farm. She said yes, so I drove out to the farm and shot 3 or 4 rolls of film of a bunch of very skittish little lambs.
Next it was off to the photo shop. By now it had been over a month since I had heard the story. I was intent on getting the drawing done. The message had touched my heart profoundly and I knew it was a picture that had to be drawn. I dropped off the film and impatiently waited for the pictures to be developed.

When I went to pick up the developed film I almost passed out when the clerk said there had been a problem and they could pitch one of the rolls and give me a replacement or ..." Please, just let me see the pictures. Then I can decide." What had happened? I could’t stand it. Was God trying to tell me that this wasn't right, that this wasn't His picture? My hands were shaking as I pulled the photos out of the package. To my absolute amazement they had been double exposed: there were people's faces on the lambs. It wasn't a reprimand or anything from God, He did want my attention to be on Him, though and not on this drawing. And, it was confirmation.

The Lamb Won - Photo Shoot Picture

Beyond anything people could do or had done, He won. That’s the story. It’s been several years now and it still amazes me. The Lamb Won.

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Pictures from Past Shows

Consider the Lilies

Consider the Lilies (Arts at Palm Canyon Plaza Show)
17 1/2 X 21 1/2 " - Colored Pencil


Anne Waiting for Charlie

Awarded 1st Place at the Arizona State Fair!

Anne Waiting for Charlie (Arizona State Fair and GVAL Show)
20 " X 13 " - Charcoal and Pencil and Conté
Acid Free Art Paper

Since Anne couldn’t travel long distances any more, Charlie had to go back to close out their house in Kansas, just him and their boy Frankie.  That meant Charlie would sleep most of the time, riding in the back seat of the car.  Charlie doesn’t travel much usually, just to get lunch at Rudy’s Diner and drive to church. Anne gets to ride with him, going to Rudy’s and church. That’s about it. Being over 80 and 90 does have its limitations.
So, Anne waits


Ella Can Read

Awarded 2nd Place at the GVAL show!

Ella Can Read (GVAL Show)
11" X 14 " - Graphite
Acid Free Bristol Board

In Feb 2014 I was reading the Women of Hope Prayer Guide, Education Opportunities for Women and Girls. In it they stated, “Of the approximately 774 million illiterate people in the world, two-thirds are female.”
That’s when the idea was born to do a drawing of a little girl reading a book.  So, in the teen playroom at our church, four-year-old Ella grabbed one of her favorite books, started reading, and I started taking pictures.  I then went home and started drawing. During the process of completing this drawing other young girls, far away from the safety of where Ella was reading, who were also reading and studying in a church/school environment, were brutally kidnapped. Because they wanted to learn how to read.


Take the Child and His Mother

Take the Child and His Mother (GVAL Show)
19" X 22 1/2 " - Charcoal
Acid Free Bristol Board

This drawing is a prayer of thanks to the Lord for all the adoptive, foster and stepdads of the world who have chosen to do the right thing. Matthew 2:13

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Yarnell Memorial Flag Drawing
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Yarnell Flag

Yarnell Flag
12" X 18" - Colored Pencil
Acid Free Paper

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